After Eight e Cuveé Spumante Extra Dry


Chocolate and mint cream
200 g of milk chocolate
100 g of dark chocolate
300 g of sweetened vegetable cream to be whipped
half of vanilla essence vial
2 tablespoons of mint syrup

Mint mousse
250 g of whipping cream
30 g of icing sugar
2 tablespoons of mint syrup
green food coloring gel

To garnish
Dark chocolate flakes.

To prepare the chocolate and mint cream, heat the cream together with the essence, over low heat. In the meantime, reduce the two types of chocolate into small pieces and collect them in a bowl. When the cream will touch the boil, pour it into the chocolate bowl, wait 30 seconds then mix vigorously with a whisk by hand until all the chocolate is melted and mixed. Combine the mint syrup and mix to mix all the ingredients well. Allow the chocolate and mint cream to cool, and stirring occasionally to prevent the formation of a thicker film on the surface. Place the cream in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap for a few hours so enjoy this fragrant delight, but be careful: it is addictive!

To prepare the mint mousse, whip the cream firmly combining, little by little, the icing sugar that you will drop through a sieve. Combine the syrup with mint and the dye and mix with a spatula, with delicate movements, from the bottom to the top, in order not to disassemble the cream. The amount of dye depends on how much you want to make your mousse more or less colored. When the chocolate cream has completely cooled down, using a pastry bag, fill the glasses with the chocolate cream for a third then pour the mousse up to about a finger from the edge.

Store in the refrigerator, covered with foil until ready to serve.

To complete the mint and chocolate glasses, decorate with dark and milk chocolate flakes.

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