A-mors rosso

Cabernet Volos

Production area: our vineyards in province of Treviso (Veneto)

Ripening: between mid-august and late-august

Vine training technique: Spurred Cordon

Plants density: 4000 plants per hectare

Soil composition: loose, pebbly, calcareous

Vinification: After the harvest, the grapes are placed in stainless steel tanks for 12 – 36 days at a controlled temperature of 10 – 12°C in order to extract from the skins the greatest quantity of typical components of the aroma. After separating must and skins, the fermentation with selected yeasts follows at a temperature of 16 °C for circa 15 days. The wine is then set to refinement for some months in steel basins before sale.

Description: Cabernet Volos, red wine produced by fungus resistant grape varieties. Red ruby hue. This wine presents complex red fruit notes on the nose where blackberries, raspberries and wild strawberries stand out at first, followed by hints of cherry and blueberries. On the palate it displays a generous mineral content, good freshness, supported by pleasant tannins.

Drink with: Its flavor makes it a great match for fish soup, eel, tuna, trout, sea bream, sardine, swordfish or dried or salted cod.

Conservation: to be kept in fresh places at a temperature of 12-16 °C, far from light, avoiding to store it long time in refrigerator.

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