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Cabernet Volos


Production area: our vineyards in province of Treviso (Veneto)


Ripening: between mid-august and late-august


Vine training technique: Spurred Cordon


Plants density: 4000 plants per hectare


Soil composition: loose, pebbly, calcareous


Vinification: after the harvest, the grapes are placed in stainless steel tanks for 12 – 36 days at a controlled temperature of 10 – 12°C in order to extract from the skins the greatest quantity of typical components of the aroma. After separating must and skins, the fermentation with selected yeasts follows at a temperature of 16 °C for circa 15 days. The wine is then set to refinement for some months in steel basins before sale.


Description: fruit of a vinification obtained only by fungus resistant grape varieties, therefore requiring less interventions and treatments.  This Rosé is obtained from Cabernet Volos grapes, it has a soft pink colour, which heralds an intense fruity note dominated by little red fruits like strawberry, raspberry, currant and cherry; without making us forget that elegant floral note of rose, white flowers and a light Mediterranean spice. On the palate it is fresh, sapid and dry, reminding the fruity note of its aroma.


Alcoholic volume: 12.5 % vol.


Sugar: 5 gr. lt.


Acidity: 6 gr. lt.


Food pairings: excellent as aperitif, it is a great match with fish-based appetizers such as anchovies and oysters. Superb with cold cuts, battered vegetables, first courses of fish and carpaccio of all kinds. To be served at a temperature of 10-12 °C.


Conservation: to be kept in fresh places at a temperature of 12-16 °C, far from light, avoiding to store it long time in refrigerator.


Dama d’Oro EnoConegliano – Selezioni Vini Veneti

Medaglia d’oro 92 punti – International PIWI Wine Award 2020

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