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Spumante di qualità del tipo aromatico

Manzoni Muscat is the result of the pain-staking selective work carried out by Prof. Luigi Manzoni at the Conegliano Oenological School. In the early 1900s Manzoni cross-pollinated different varieties of vine, resulting in certain interesting hybrids such as Manzoni Muscat, which was obtained by bringing together the Piave Raboso and the Hamburg Muscat.


Production area: from our vineyards in Negrisia (Tv)


Ripening: half of September


Vine training technique: Cordon Training


Plants density: 4000 plants per hectare


Soil composition: loose, pebbly, calcareous.


Winemaking: after harvesting, the grapes are pressed lightly. The skins are separated from the must which is then scrupulously cleaned. A sparkling wine fermentation process results in an elegant and refined perlage.


Alcoholic volume: 9,5 %


Sugar: 45 gr. lt.


Acidity: 5,5 gr. lt.


Description: peony-pink in colour, this wine has a refined, elegant perlage. Its intense and persistent bouquet boasts hints of pink flowers, citrus, lychee, strawberry and pink grapefruit. Its palate is sweet, aromatic, fragrant, and reminiscent of the grapes from which it originates.


Pairings: ideal with dry cakes, jam tarts, and fruit salad, but can also be enjoyed as an aperitif with a variety of snacks and slightly spicy cheeses.
Serve at 8-10 °C, preferably in an ice-bucket.


Conservation: to be kept in a fresh place, at a temperature of 12 – 16 °C, far from light, avoiding to keep it long time in the refrigerator.


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