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Trevenezie I.G.T.

Production area: our vineyards in the province of Treviso


Ripening: first days of September


Vine training technique: Cordon Training


Plants density: 4500 plants per hectare


Soil composition: soil consisting of stone, loose and calcareous.


Vinification: after the harvest the grapes are set in steel basins at a con- trolled temperature of 10-12 °C for ca. 12-36 hours in order to extract from the skins the largest quantity of components typical of the aroma. After separating must and skins, the fermentation with selected yeasts follows at a temperature of 18 °C for circa 15 days. The wine is then set to refine for some months in steel basins, before selling.


Alcoholic volume: 12,5 %


Sugar: 6 gr. lt.


Acidity: 6 gr. lt.


Description: the Müller Thurgau vine is a cross between Renano Riesling and Madeleine Royale. It was created at the end of the 19th century by the botanist Hermann Müller, a native of Thurgau in Geisenheim (Ger- many), the canton after which it is named. It has a straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections and a delicate, slightly aromatic scent that is reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapple, banana, and ripe apricot, with hints of Mediterranean spices. Fine tasting, elegant and harmonious, it is pleasantly aromatic and decidedly fresh.

Food pairings: excellent as an aperitif, with modern appetizers, finger food, light quiches, or fish mousse canapés. Perfect with grilled or boiled fish mains, fresh cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta, and produce from the vegetable patch such as cherry tomatoes. To be served at a temperature of 10-12 °C.


Conservation: to be kept in fresh places at a temperature of 12-16 °C, far from light, avoid to keep it long time in refrigerator.