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Millesimato Brut


Production area: our vineyards in province of Treviso and Friuli


Ripening: between mid-august and late-august


Vine training technique: Geneva Double Curtain and Spurred Cordon


Plants density: 4000 plants per hectare


Soil composition: loose, pebbly, calcareous


Vinification: after grapes harvest, the grapes and the entire bunches of grapes are pressed softly to obtain the “flower must”. Then the static cold decantation of the must follows, to eliminate all solid parts on the surface. With the inoculation of selected yeasts, the fermentation begins at a controlled temperature of 16°C. The second fermentation is obtained with long Charmat method, where the wine is kept in autoclave (tank), resting on the lees for about 9 months. This process gives to the product a fine and elegant perlage, with very fine and pleasant bubbles. Furthermore, this method provides to the wine a more important structure and a more complex sensory profile, more similar to sparkling wines produced with champenoise method; broad, complex, with notes that evoke the refermentation.


Description: Wine produced by fungus resistant grape varieties. Blend of Fleurtai, Soreli e Sauvignon Kretos. These varieties were created by crossing European, and American grape varieties and are resistant to the downy and powdery mildew, the two most common vines diseases, moreover, have greater ability to withstand drought. Straw yellow colour with fine and prolonged perlage. An intense, complex and balanced bouquet with mineral notes and a light bread crust. A fresh vegetal hint that reminds sage and elderflowers. Fruity notes of melon, passion fruit and pineapple, as well as dried fruit reminiscent of almond and hazelnut. The finish has hints of Mediterranean spices and notes of thyme. On the palate it is fresh, soft, showing a prominent and well-balanced acidity. A touch of pleasant sapidity accompanies it to a finish of great persistence.


Alcoholic volume: 12,5 %


Sugar: 7 gr. lt.


Acidity: 5.80 gr. lt.


Food pairings: Ideal as refined aperitif based on traditional Italian cold cuts as Culatello, San Daniele ham or Speck accompanied by canapes garnished with creamy cheese, vegetables and spices. Excellent with parmesan and honey and fried pumpkin flowers. Actually, its typical aromatic complexity, makes it perfect to accompany the whole menu. In particular, it is ideal to enhance fish dishes as lobster, scallops, swordfish, scampi, salmon and fried fish. Extremely versatile, it can also enhance white meat, even fried or breaded. To be served at a temperature of 8°-10°C preferably in an ice bucket.


Conservation: to be kept in fresh places at a temperature of 12-16 °C, far from light, avoiding to store it long time in refrigerator.