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Trevenezie I.G.T.

Production area: our vineyards in Pradamano (Ud)


Ripening: end of August


Vine training technique: Geneva Double Curtain


Plants density: 4500 plants per hectare


Soil composition: medium-texture soil, rich in iron and limestone.


Vinification: after vintage, skins and must undertake a low temperature maceration at 3-5° for ca 36 hours. Then fermentation follows at the controlled temperature of 25° C in 300 Hectolitres steel basins with Ganimede model vinificators. This method allows a soft fermentation without breaking grape seeds and skins, obtaining thus soft wines. The wine then is left to refine for some months in concrete basins.


Alcoholic volume: 12 %


Sugar: 8 gr. lt.


Acidity: 5 gr. lt.


Description: bright ruby red colour. Very delicate underwood perfume in youth, with aging it enriches, takes spicy notes, such as liquorice, cinnamon and black pepper. It offers to the palate persistent spicy and blackcurrant aromas. Full-bodied and balanced wine.


Pairings: very good with white and red meat, savoury fish dishes. Delicious with typical dishes of the area, with snails and frogs. To be served at a temperature of
14-16 °C.


Conservation: to be kept in fresh places at a temperature of 12-16 °C, far from light, avoid to keep it long time in refrigerator.