Zio Tino’s heroic Vineyard Raboso Piave 1875

In a small plot of land along the Negrisia stream there is a natural monument: Zio Tino’s heroic Vineyard of Raboso Piave.

The Bonato family with uncle Tino have continued to preserve this vineyards heritage, 150-year-old, having survived the Phylloxera epidemic of grapevines in the late 19th century. This destroyed most of the vineyards all over Europe. Furthermore, Raboso Piave remained a survivor of the devastating effects of the “Great War”. The sunlight shines through the tree hollows which have formed naturally over the years on the unmissable trunks of the ancient vineyard.

Uncle Tino and father Gino began learning how to grow vine plants among these vineyards shoots during their childhood which commemorates the importance of this in the history of Zio Tino’s Vineyard of Roboso Piave. Plants are firmly rooted into the earths soil, which represent the pride of those who cultivate and protect it with love and passion.

Raboso Piave keeps giving the plants gentle flowering of black pearls, that once when ripe are harvested by hand, preserving a working method that was used for generations. A symbol of perseverance and sacrifice of Bonato’s family.

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